What Will Happen When The Lord Returns


The Bible centres on the coming of Christ (The Messiah) and can be summed up in three short sentences. He is coming. He is here. He is coming again.  He is coming. This was the theme of the Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi. He is here. This was the theme of Four Gospels of the New Testament. He is coming again. This is the object of hope presented in the New Testament from Acts to Revelation.

The second coming of Christ to this earth is the greatest event that can take place in it. The New Testament speaks with great emphasis about the certainty of the return of Christ. At least 318 verses refer to His second coming.  Although differing over details, the return of Christ is a doctrine that all true Christians hold in common.

In his second letter, Apostle Peter admonitions the Christians everywhere to look forward to the Second Coming of Christ and speed its coming. That Day will be greater than the first. Why?

Our Lord once came as a servant — to fulfill the promises of Redemption of mankind; He suffered and died for our sins. But He will come a second time, as the sovereign Lord with great glory and power to take his people to Himself to enjoy the glory of the eternal Home.

His humiliation, laid the foundation of his glorification;
his first coming, was introductory to his second.

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