Fix Your Eyes on Jesus’ Names

The Word of God indicates ways in which our Lord God and Saviour is to be known and responded to; as Jesus, Immanuel, Wonderful Counsellor, Son of God, Son of Man,Bread of Life, Light of the world, The Door, The Good Shepherd, The Resurrection and the Life, The Way and the Truth and the Life, The True Vine, The Great Physician, The Stone, The Great High Priest, The Surety, The Advocate, The Bright Morning Star, The Head, the Beginning, the First Born, and the Amen.

The title of this book, “Fix Your Eyes On Jesus’ Wonderful Names”, aims to bring together the above titles of Jesus which we meet in the New Testament.
No one can send out a book on a subject like this without a feeling of its complete inadequacy. I can only hope and pray that as the writing of it has opened to me something of the never-ending wonder of My Lord and My God Jesus Christ, so the reading of it will do something of that for others.My prayer is that our eyes will open to Jesus’ glorious names, and our faith strengthens as it is written in Psalm 9:10, “Those who know your name put their trust in you”.

Read the full book, Fix-Your-Eyes-On-Jesus-Names (PDF).


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