The Call of Grace


Many want to be rich, but for most people this means money, property and other assets. However, none of these riches satisfies us in this life and all of it we leave behind when we die.

The Letter called “Ephesians”, or, more properly: “Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians” is all about becoming rich – but … it’s about spiritual riches. To be specific: the Riches of God’s Grace.

The book of Ephesians is about the riches, fullness, and inheritance that a believer has in Christ. Because of that, some have called Ephesians the treasure house of the Bible. God’s Grace is boundless and always available to his children. The book of Ephesians will teach you who you are, how rich you are, and how you should use those riches for Christ’s glory.

Dr Botros is a faithful and loving pastor who serves Christ in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, especially in the Mernda and Whittlesea areas. This book comes from a pastor’s heart and is designed to be a blessing to all who read and especially God’s people who gather within the ministry of Mernda / Whittlesea Presbyterian Parish.

John P Wilson  (Moderator of the Parish)

Read the full book, The Call of Grace (PDF file)

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